Currency symbol £ converted to unprintable

My table has a Text field which contains the UK currency symbol £. After running a dataport the resulting value in a .txt file is an unprintable character. Does anyone know of characters being corrupted between dataports and .txt files ?

Navison creates the .txt-file in plain ASCII-characters. Problably your editor expects ANSI (like most Win-programs). You can check that out very easy with EXCEL. Try to open your .txt-file with EXCEL - the format-wizard has an option to change from ANSI-sources to ASCII-sources. In the wizard-form you will see if the character switches to “readable”. Two solutions: open you file with a editor that allows you to select the source-format ASCII (for example the sharware-editor “editeur”) and then save the file as ANSI. Or you convert the characters right before exporting them. As far as i remember, there is a ANSII-to-ASCII code-sample in the download-section (here or at

Thank you, Richard