Currency Rounding issues in Ax 2012 R2

Hi All ,

As we all know that currency is shared table in Ax .

I have issue with Rounding Options.

General ledger> Setup > Currency > Currencies.

Select a currency. In the Rounding Rules section, Round the sums according to a fixed unit, for general transaction amounts. For example, amounts on transactions are rounded to the nearest unit to 0.01. Specify the general unit for rounding in the General round-off field.

Also, Round sums for Sales orders, Purchase orders, and Prices

Client is using Ax 2012 R2 in many companies and need to have the rounding options specific to company , but I do not have the rounding options form company wise as if we define the rules in currency form that are applicable to all companies.

How to define the company wise rounding values for General round-off , Sales orders, Purchase orders, and Prices ?

Some companies required more than 3 decimals for amounts , then how to handle that scenario in Ax 2012 R2 ?