Currency Exchange rate

I have challenges with exchange rate conversion in Ax 2009.When i generate values for a given account say in USD i get way large figures in local currency.I have tried updating using exchange adjustment but still the figures don’t add up.Please assist

It is very easy to get the conversion factor incorrect. It is typically stated and value compared to base currency. My guess is you have the reciprocal of what you need. Although I do not have a 2009 screen available right now, I believe that when you put the currency exchange rate and you can in fact see the ultimate effects it’s going to have between the two currencies. I seem to recall something like currency calculator that can be used for this. The most important thing is to get the currency rate right before any posting.

For things of already happened, it almost needs to be on a case-by-case basis. Keep in mind you can do a revaluation at any time. This should allow you to fix things like AR and certain ledger accounts including bank. The biggest effect of bad currencies going to have is in the currency gain or loss accounts. It is also more important focused on the realized gain of lost rather than the unrealized.

You may need to get somebody to help you sort out the best course of action. It’s really pretty hard to advise you other than the general things I’ve said without seeing the actual impact.