Currency code to empty.

Hello, Can somebody tell me what is the easiest way to empty the field “Currency code” in all tables where this field exists? The problem is that one of our customers used the currency code EUR while this field has to be empty. What I want to do now is find all “currency code” fields in the database with a tool, write a large codeunit where I set the currency field to empty if EUR. The problem is that i have to define more than 80 tables and maybe I’ll forget something. Isn’t there an easier way to solve this problem? Thanks.

You can do this with RecordRef in 3.60 Use the Object table to find all Tables. Use the Field table to find all fields named Currency Code. Use the RecordRef to update the values in these fields. Note that this is extremely dangerous unless there are no conversion factors set up for this currency.

Thanks for your explanation Chris. I’ve tried to figur it out but it didn’t work. Can you give me a small code example how to do it? I think its not too difficult. Thanks.