Currency change when click in currency field

Hi All,

Currently i using AX 2012 R2 and the issue when i click at currency field purchLine form, it will change the value inside without selecting any other currency code. When unclick it will prompt original value.

Let say in purch Line i created is USD. when i click in currency field it will change to IND. when i click other field, will prompt USD back. anyone can help on this?

**Purch header set same as Line = USD.

**no purchase agreement set.

**vendor set as USD

Do you have developer permissions? If so, what’s the data source of the form control? Right-click the field in GUI, choose Personalize and look at the value of System name field.

Hi Martin,

Thanks for your help, with suggestion you gave to me. i check back my personalized field and it’s taking from purchTable.

after remove and replace with PurchLine.Currency field, everything back to normal