Currency amounts in customer cards

Can a customer card in NAV be adjusted so that it displays all currency amounts in the default currency of that customer? We have a company whose default currency is Euros; however, all of the customers have a default currency of USD set in their customer card. The problem is that when you look at the General tab of the customer card, the current balance and credit limit amounts show as Euros. It would be more helpful for us to see these amounts in the customer’s currency code.



There is already Statistics by currencies available from CustomerCard - no custom coding is needed.

As for credit limit, here the case is more complicated. Nevertheless you can define “default” currency for a customer, that does not explicitly mean only this one currency must be used, you can easily change it to any other or local currency, when creating sales docs. Therefore, by design credit limit is in LCY, allowing to deal with cases when customer has outstanding balance composed of several invoices each in a different currency.

If you still wish to set credit limit in customer’s “default” currency, a mod is required, and rather complicated one, as simple recalculating limit set in LCY & displaying additional field in some currency will be of no use, system will check against the standard field in LCY. To change this, more modifications must be done. Besides, FOREX rates change daily - a slight shift in rates may cause a, say, 10’000 EUR limit overrun by a couple of euros - will you refuse a sale in such case?