Currencies On Customer Invoices


We are a company based in Kenya, however, we deal with multiple foreign currencies.

Due to the ever-fluctuating exchange rates it is important for us to invoice customers in the same currency that we gave them the contract for in order to prevent forex losses. However, with Nav it seems like this is difficult to invoice a customer in Euros, for example, due to the fact that the G/L is in our local currency of Kenyan Shillings.

Any thoughts or assistance would be greatly appreciated!

Hi and welcome ,

Please explain more what are you looking for ? Its pretty normal that your G/L is in LCY and you post invoices in FCY. If you invoice them in EUR and you have an a fx impact that will show up in the G/L but the customer will not see it .


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Navision support multi currency and you can invoice to customer in their currency.

For this you can do following

  1. You can set currency on Customer Card

  2. During Invoicing you can go to Foreign Trade and click on Currency code and put currect exchange rates

  3. This will invoice to the customer with the rates you enter in that invoice.

  4. In Navision Customer ledger entries will maintain both the values in ledger entries LCY &FCY and in G/L entry it will show LCY values.

That makes sense, however, what about in regards to the customer statements, and not the invoices?

As of now, the statements are showing up to 3 currencies on each printout which makes it rather confusing for the customer.

That makes sense, however, what about for the customer statements?

Currently, we are showing up to 3 currencies on each statement which makes it rather confusing for the customer since each amount when converted to the LCY will be different depending on the forex and the customer will not know which amount to pay…?

Sorry about the double reply, I didn’t think the first one posted!

You can print the customer statements for invoiced currency code and give it to customer.

The customer will pay you in invoiced currency

4341.statement.pdf (136 KB)

Here is an example of what I am dealing with…

Thanks again

By looking at your statement I think you are invoicing one customer with different currencies

Is it ??

Yes, which is the whole problem… Ideally, the statement should reflect the currency that was agreed upon in the contract, but for some reason we have all 3 currencies showing up, which, to the customer, looks like we’re giving them options; options that are in their favor depending on the forex, and not something we want to do…

That means if you are invoicing them with different currencies then customer need to pay in that currencies to you.

I can suggest lets create customer statement report which can filter currency and then print different report for different currency.