Currencies Exchange rate


First , I want to say I have not enough experience in real world Buisness Process so my question may seems idiot …

In AX 2009 ther’s is a EXCHANGE RATE form in General Ledger Module , I understand the function of this form

, BUT my question is IN REAL WORLD when exactly should i enter the the start Date / exchange rate for the forign currency ? is this happen Every time the rate is changed even it happen weekly or daily o r monthly?

I means suppose i have € EUR as a forign currency , should i be aware the exchange rate for € EUR every day to see if changed or not to enter it in the EXCHANGE RATE form in AX ?

Again please answer me from real world buisness process


You don’t have to update rates each day. You can fix it, if the variation are immeterial.



It depends on the needs of each business, some daily, monthly or annually, It depends upon the currency fluvtuations and impact of currency on the business.

Hi Adam

Is there a solution or a web service that can update the exchange rate automatticly if it has changed , directly to AX ?



Have a look at this white paper -

Details of how to access a free web service for getting currency exchange rates from Dynamics Ax 2009 are there.

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