Cupon Discounts

We are having some issues, requiring that we need to take into account Cupons. Anyone have some ideas? / Done it allready! We will be using 3.60

Henrik, I am building something currently to handle coupons. Acutally, two types: Money Coupons for discount, and free item coupons.) There will be a coupon table that has a unique key for each coupon. And there will be data for each coupon (ie if worth $100, and the customer uses $63, can they also use the balance later; or exiry date, etc.). On the Sales Header (and also CP) one can enter the coupon number, which really does nothing until releasing an order (not in posting). This then adjusts the sales lines to reflect the type of coupon. Note that depending on whether you want to affect the item margin or not, you may not want to change the unit price of the items, but instead use order discount, or add a sales line into a costs account. Any ideas from you, or the community, might help me as well … Thanks, John

GoPro Landsteinar’s POS solution and BMI’s Enterprice Retail Solution takes coupons into account.