CUES work in Test but not in live

I have been developing our first role center in our Test DB, I just mover the fob’s to live today and imported the related profile. The CUE’s are not counting. When selected the data is being filtered properly, the count number on the cue is just not correct. I imported the Role Center, activities, CUE table, and other pages. The count for all of them is 0. It still works properly if I connect to test. I even compiled all the new / revised objects.

Any ideas? What did I miss?

Ok the problem was there were no records in the Manufacturing Cue table in our Live Db.

There is only one record in these tables Primary key and counts, etc for the flow fields. It gets created the first time the table / page is called. However it was not doing it for me for some reason.

To fix it, I entered 1 as the primary key and arrowed down, Nav then went through the DB to populate the columns in the table. I then wen tback and deleted the value in the primary key.

It all works perfectly now!