Cue Run error

We have created cues so our end users can view them from the home page. we get this error below

Insufficent rights to execute Menu Item Cue run

i have checked all permissions that i know of regarding the cues and cant find / fix this issue

any ideas where it may be at?

I really appreciate your help

Have you rebuilt the standard cubes or are you using them as they come out of the box?

believe they are rebuilt

You need to verify this because I beleive if they are not rebuilt and the cleansing tool posted by MS on partnersource is not run then the cubes contain fields the user is not licensed for and a permission error is returned.

This is not related to cubes. It’s a permissions problem.

In AX2009, the specific permission located at Basic>Misc>“Cue Run”, Cue Run must be enable for the permission group the user is in.

Notice if you set the user to Admin, it will work because Admins have ALL permissions. :slight_smile: