CU 50006 - replacing PDFCreator into BullZip - NAV 5.0 Bullzip

Does someone already have a customized code unit 50006, where Bullzip is the standard PDF printer? I’m having
some difficulties with adjusting the codeunit. It is not possible to install PDFCreator for trial use, because we use terminal server. Thanks!!

Hi Frits,

You may wanna refer to the file in the download section with this codeunit. 50006 just means that it’s a customized object, which may be renumbered when installed/used by a NAV installation.

But let me do it for you.


Personally I have never tried it.

Even if this can be done quite easy using the above “example”, then it still ends up taking me as an experienced NAV developer at least 5-8 hours before it’s ready to use at my clients.

So in the classic versions, I have always recommend the MailIT PDF add-on from Expandit to all my clients. Any other “ready-to-use” ISV could also be used. Initially this may be a little more expensive or just about the same price for the client. But it most often comes with much more ready to use functionality, which the client often would end up asking for later.

The MailIT package I use doesn’t even require any new objects, which allow it to be used even by clients without a current NAV maintenance subscription.

But as said, there are many of these PDF mail add-ons for NAV. Your NAV partner may already have one, either “homemade” or by one of the ISV’s like ExpandIT.

Hi Erik, you’re the best! Thanks!!
Have a great day,

Hi Frits,
Happy to have been able to help. [:)]

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