cst not calculating..............

hello every one…

when i am trying to post po lines cst was not calculating.in indian version…other tax groups working fine…

any one can help me…plz

There might be problem wth your setups. Check them. CST totally rely on state(check that)

have you defined value?

have you selected sales tax code in item tax code?

have you added item group code in the formula?

One more point you need to check, cst is inter state tax. So your vendor adress state and warehouse state should be different.

Secondly, check whether you have applied C form on the line level or not.

thanks for your reply…i did not find any difference in my setup…but when i am try to check tha tax calculated it shows



% percent …2.00.

i dont know why its not calculating…cst

I think that the example you have given here is inappropiate.

For 0 inputs, how tax can be calculated.

In purchline , update vendor state,

select * from purchline where dataareaid = ‘EMDB’ and purchid = ‘PO/13-14/006823’

–update purchline set VENDORSTATE_IN = ‘HARYANA’ where purchid = ‘PO/13-14/006823’ and dataareaid = ‘EMDB’