CST doubt

Hi Experts,

I want to setup CST Which is indian tax.

CST is 2 % on both sales and purchases against C Form.

Where to setup this Tax and calculate accordingly. Pz help.

Hi Ved

I hope you have to go in this setup:

Financial management->Setup>Sales tax->Tax Details

Here you have to fill the data like this as ex. this is for orrisa

(you have to create Tax jurisdiction & tax group code)

Tax Jurisdiction Code Tax Group Code Effective Date Form Code Tax Below Maximum Capital Goods Creditable Goods
ORI CST CST1 04/01/07 C 1.00 No No
ORI CST CST2 04/01/07 C 2.00 No No
ORI CST CST3 04/01/07 C 3.00 No No