CST Calculation on Fixed Assets

Dear All,

Currently we are using Navision 4.0 Sp1 and facing the following problem

Whenever we are making invoice for Fixed assets the CST is not getting calculated though we have seleected the proper Structure. For CST we are passing the FA journal on the fixed assets.

Is there any specfice setup fot the above scenario or need to customize???

Kindly help asap.




As this is specific Indian localisation question, I move it to International-Indian forum - there it’ll get answered quicker and more easily.

P.S.You have a really terrible and complex taxation system in India [;)], so only forum Indian members are competent to answer you, I therefore advice you to post possible further questions about local India issues in special Indian forum - we have Indian moderators there to help you out.

Hi Amol,

I don’t have the full answer to you. But as Modris wrote then the Indian tax setup in Navision is very different from the other localizations of Navision. But the version you’re running also included a lot of changes. So I’ll suggest that you would upgrade to the latest release of version 4.0 - service pack 3. At some point Microsoft India was sending out hotfixes to the Indian tax setup almost on a weekly basis.

I was away so couldn’t reply earlier. I have downloaded 4.0 sp1 db and tried to calculate and post and it posted correctly.

The major setup created are as follow:

Location card with state = ND (New Delhi)

Vendor Card : Tax Liable = true, location = ND, Structure : 1 single line with sales tax.

TAX Area Location : Mapped New Delhi with Tax jurisdiction ND.