Crystal Reports Information

Hi all, Can anybody help to locate an official document/White paper showing how Crystal Reports works with Navision? Is there any official tie up agreement between Seagate (Crystal Reports Owners) and Microsoft Business Solutions? Or Else, Can any body elaborate on Usage of Crystal Reports with Navision as far as Compatibility,Long term usage and legal and future aspects are concerned. Regards DD

Hi DD, As per my knowledge there is no officila document to refer regarding the way Crystal Report works specifically with Navision. Ya,but u can use it with navision as a automation server,only advantage over navision report designer is that u can sort data effectively and on low side it takes long time to generate report. Regards, Rajesh

I find it much easier to total, subtotal and calculate all types of fields compared to navision report designer. I admit some reports take longer to generate but I have also created reports in crystal that produce a report ten times faster than Navision. I guess it depends on the structure of your report and if you only link the tables you really need.