Crystal Report

Is it possible to run a Crystal report from Navision?

Hi, You can run any application(executable) from the Navision.Can you explain your purpose n detail, so we can give the exact suggestion(solution).

I have a problem with sorting data on the report.I need to sort 2 keys.The first one is Vendor and the second one is Require date .Main table of my report is Purchase Header.The Require date that i need to sort it’s not on this table.It’s come from Job table.I can’t solve it and I think about to use crystal report (write SQL that can sorting whatever fields i want).But I can’t find the way how I get the user print Crystal report from Purchase Report menu.

I think you could make report structure like this: Data Items: Purchase Header - for sorting by Vendor Jobs - for sorting by Require Date >Purchase Header So you can .BREAK unneded Data Item and run needed with your sorting [;)]

Hi Arthur I test it before I post this question,I don’t think it will work.Do you know how to run Crystal report from Navision? Nan - IJSS Developer

I have tried to run external report in Excel. So I guess the crystal report can do as well. However, you need to handle the flow field by yourself as No such flow field in the SQL database. But I haven’t tried any development in Crystal.

Supawan, Have you tried using temporary tables in combination with the integer table as a data item when desinging reports. You can do some pretty complicated stuff. I can send you a sample report to look at if you like. Chris.

Chris Please send it. Nan

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