Crystal Report 8.5

Hi there I am looking for solution to integrate between Navision Attain and Seagate Cryatal Report 8.5. The Integration is how to run crystal report in Navision Attain, and make the Crystal Report perform the calculation which is send from Navision Attain database. Many Thanks & Regards, Surya

You can “embed” a crystal report ocx onto a Navision form and run the report, passing a parameter from Navision. Is this what you need?

Ok, with ocx. but how do you insert the variables into the rpt files ?? ocx only call the name of rpt and print it. ?!

Surya, Not knowing Crystal Reports very well, but surely you could set a couple of values on the report and then run the report (and the report would then use these values to collect it’s dataset to display?) [?]

Surya, there should be a really helpfull helpfile, don’t know the name at the moment [:(], on your Crystal Reports CD. There are many tips and examples (in c++ and VB) of how to use the ocx. Better use the Automation Server, it has more functionalities than the ocx. Greetings, Frank

Franks correct - I meant automation server as opposed to OCX (sorry!) [;)] However, OCX should work also.

May I know does anyone know how to write the program code and what are the program codes to be written in the Navision to enable the integration between Navison Attain and Crystal Report 9. Integration also means the running of crystal report in Navision Attain and make the crystal report perform the calculation which is sent from Navision Attain Database. by the way OCX has been changed to RDC (Report Designer Component) for the new version . Thanks alot