Crosstab Report

Hi, I need to design a sales order confirmation report for a clothing label company that sells products in multiple colours and sizes. An item card is stored for each combination of product/colour/size. Sales order lines are added as normal but when printing the order confirmation it needs to have products/colours going down as rows, and sizes going across as columns - a crosstab style report with totals per colour/size. The number of columns would vary depending on the number of different sizes on the order. Can anybody give me a pointer on where to start - my initial thoughts are to create a table object which better suits the style of the report (assuming a max number of size columns), create a temporary table and populate it from the order lines using C/AL code, then run the report pointing it to the temporary table. Any help appreciated, Jonathan

You can start by looking into Account Schedule report. Account schedule can also contain variable number of columns.

you can take a look at this…