Cross Vendo Balance with Customer Balance (LCY)


I Created 2 new Fields in Vendor card, One gives the respectivaly customer nº and otherthat gives the Customer Balance.

Now, I want to Cross the Vendor Balance with Customer Balance (LCY). Both Values are in Vendor Card and are correct.

So, In Vendor Table, for a vendor I Know not only his Balance but also his Balance LCY.

I know how much I owe to the supplier and how much he owes me.


In Payments Journal, in Suggest Vendor payments, Where or how can I sugest in Debbit Amount the difference between these two amounts, Vendor Balance - Customer Balance (LCY)?

I Tried in table 81 (Function UpdateLineBalance) some changes, but no results :frowning:

It’s not that easy with standart data structure…

Solution for a business partner who is both Client and Vendor is included in my country’s localisation since ver4 (many new objects included, starting with Vend/Cust Cards, alike you have done) but even there we have only a special report showing the outstanding balance - no changes to standart payment suggestion routines, the amounts must be entered manually :frowning:

Seemingly it wasn’t worth the effort to modify the rather complicated payment suggestion…

Dear Modris

I Think I could solve my problem, if I detect the excatly moment where debit Amout in table 81 is calculated.

I really want to suggest a diferent Debit Amount in Gen. Journal Line.

When can I do That in what Object?

Even running the code coverage and debugger I am getting some dificults

If I have the Finaly Debit Amout , I would decrement the customer balance that I have in vendor Card.


I solved my problem for now, in report 393 I can control Debit Amout. This was my big problem.

Thanks for all help

Presently we are manually Reconciling the balnce of Vendor and Customer. it is very difficult to reconcile every time. please suggest if any source is there