Cross references in Attain 3.01

When I add an item to a sales order or quote, I want to be able to use vendor item number or crossreferences in addition to the item number. For example, I have an item with an item number of 780E007. The vendor item number is 45001 and there is a bar code cross reference of 1000. I would like to be able to put 1000, 45001 or 780E007 in as the item number in the sales order and have it use the correct item. I remember seeing somewhere that this should work but it does not seem to work on my system. Thanks David Rochford Zesco Products 317-269-9300 x188

I tested cross reference # (in v2.60) - type into the Cross Reference field, not the Item field. The Item No. should automatically populate. Is this what you had in mind? James

Use “Show Columns” from the Saleslines and select the “Cross-Refernce No.” field here. This will do the trick. Best regards, Erik P. Ernst, webmaster

Thanks. That seems to work for crossreferences of type bar code. But it doesn’t work for vendor or customer crossreferences. I made a customer crossreference of ABC-123 and a vendor crossreference of XYZ-123 and neither worked. Also, clicking on the up arrow (list) in the crossreference field in the sales order does not list all crossreferences the way I would hope it would. I also just tried this in Attain 3.10.B and it works the same way. David Rochford Zesco Products 317-269-9300 x188

How exactly did you hope that it worked?

Hi, As the issue of bar code/item cross reference has come, i’ve a question: We are aware that you can use barcode to sell items and record/Post the sale. Similarly, what solutions are available if one wants to use bar code for identifying the items which have been purchased and Inventory be updated? Note: Customer doesn’t want to use RBO/POS solution. Other methods/solutions available. Regards

I was hoping that we could type in our vendor item number in the cross reference field and it would look up. Right now, it seems that Attain only finds cross references of type barcode. I’d like it to use barcode, vendor and customer cross reference codes. I’m sure it would be easy to change this. I was just wondering if it was supposed to work this way. David Rochford Zesco Products 317-269-9300 x188

Logically, the only way an item is to be referenced to a vendor is through a purchase order or quote. Think about it…You want to order in a number that is familiar to your vendor. This logic doesn’t follow through with a sales order. The barcode represents the number that the customer is used to deal with.

The function LookUpSalesItem(VAR Rec : Record “Sales Line”;VAR PriceGroup : Code[10]) filters the Item Cross Reference table for all types expect vendor. (codeunit 99002530) Amending this function will provide you with the results that you need