Cross references and MorphXplorer

Hello, i am new in this forum nad this is my 1st question… I am trying to draw a diagram with the tables of Axapta using the MorphXplorer. The problem is that when i right-click in a inserted table there are no tables related to the actual. I’ve already updated the cross-references whitout any result, anyone has a idea or suggestion?

Hello, pturegano Welcome to the forum! I think you should try updating the cross-references again. I had problems with MorphXplorer too, fiddling around with options in the Update Cross-References menu helped me back then. But after some time I decided not to use this functionality at all. It’s, to my opinion, still too raw to use. Good luck!

You can also try reindexing sometimes it might also help. Cheers Amit Sood

Hi everyone, The answer for pturegano: you should run Tools\Dev. tools\Cross-reference\Periodic\Update with ONLY Update data model and Update type hierarchy checkmarked. Many thanks to Steen Andreasen for this excelent suggestion [:)]. Ivan - what functionality are u referring: to MorphXplorer only or to all the Cross-reference aspects? Rgds, Ciprian

Hi, Just to add .02 cents - As Ciprian mentioned, try updating Cross reference with ‘Update date model’ selected. However you might want to select ‘Update type hierarchy’ if you are planning to use Application hierarchy tree. The first time you are updating cross reference you might want to select ‘Update all’ option. But this job is a time/resources consuming which you might want to run during off-peak hours. There is a trick whereby you can export the cross-referencing data from one standard Axapta system to another. You can read all about this in detail in Steen Andreasen’s forthcoming book on X++ [:)] Regards,

I meant the MorphXplorer functionality, of course.

I am studying…