Cross-reference Description in Form 50

How can I show the cross-reference description itsself in Purchase Order.By choosing a cross creference item the description is updated with the cross-reference description. But I want to show both, item,item no. and cross-reference no. and - description. Regards Scout

You can either add a field to the Purchase Line table (and the order line form) , updating it as the item is validated OR Show the field on the order line form.

There are so many ways to do it. You can use “Description 2” for Item Cross Ref/Item Description, if you do not want to create a new field. otherwise, you can create a flow field in table which will show the description from the Item/Item Cross Ref table. you can do the same thing on the form as well. Naveen Jain

I 've just tried it but it didn’t work. And the description is always updated with the cross-reference description. How can I prevent it ?

I made it, but i had to change standard code. Thank you for your help. Kind regards Scout