CRM/Sales&Receivables - Permissions?

Moin: We are using NAVISION 3.60. We also use the CRM module. The contacts in the CRM are connected to the customer or vendor table. When modiffying a contact these modifications are also done in the customer table and vice versa. To have this functionality it is obviously neccessary that the user has full modify permissions to the customer table - it doesn’t work with “indirect”. So the user may modify all fields in the customer table what is not desireable in any case. Is there another solution for this problem? Regards Alarich

If you have access to modify codeunits, you could make the indirect permissions work. The update from CRM are realized with Codeunits 5055 to 5058. You should set permissions in these codeunits on the respective table (18 customer, 23 vendor and 270 bank) and then give the users roles that use indirect permissions on these tables. Saludos Nils

Nils: Muchas gracias. It works as you said. Great! Regards Alarich