CRM Questions - Error messages when doing To Do tasks


I am having errors when I try to create To Do from a Salespeople or Team cards for the type of To Do which is “phone call or Blank” fields. this is the message that I have: " You must specify Attendee No. in Attendee To-do No.="Line No.=‘10000’

When I try to assign also activities to a team or salespeople by running the wizard function , i have this message: "you cannot base a date calculation on an undefined date. Date:0D, Formula: "

  1. Any help on how to create Phone call or Blank To Do’s when using a salespeeople or a team will be appreciated???

  2. Also how assigning activities to a salespeople???


Are you Cronus to test these settings? I can’t get the same error message. Can you give me the error line?

Check date formula in activity card.


I think the first one is because the customer you are creating the to-do for has no company assigned when it is a person type. Just a wild stab but are the records manually created or was an import run? Anyway just manually create the customer contact record, or the person, and assign this to the salesperson - does this work?

The date formula must be referencing a blank date in the to and from of the task, check the date and time is filled in on these.

Hi all,

  • I used a salesperson to create a TO Do not a customer. When the wizard runs and I follow all steps I have the error message above that attendee should be specified. but never I have a place to specify attendee!!! same for team but it works when using contact card.

  • I never have access to date fields to insert what you says AdamRoue

YES all my items were import using Setup checklist

Thanks for help me out.


I will assume it is not modified [:D] and that you are on version 4.0

If you are doing this from the salesperson you are going to the to-dos and from the to-do lost creating a to-do using the button?

Do you then have to define the type and description? What are you putting in the starting date, starting time and duration fields or is this an all day event?

On the second screen of the wizard the salesperson should be listed as the to-do organiser.

I presume it is not linked to a campaign or an opportunity and it is not a recurring to-do?

Does the salesman actually exist prior to doing this?

You get the messages when you press the finish button?

There is actually very little to it so tell us what is different to what I have described, as mine creates the to-do without an issue!! [:(]

Sorry for the delay to reply Adam Roue.

  1. All my contacts were load by using setup checklist

  2. I am working with Nav 4 SP2 ( no modification have been done)

  3. My To DO is not working when I try a phone call or a blank field but for meeting type it was good.

Another Q; When using an activity, DO I Have to put a date in the date formula to get that work???..

I dont know what I do wrong as this is a brand new task that I am doing after uploading my contacts.

So any clue??? help will be appreciated.