CRM Question

Can anyone confirm of a way I can use to identify those customers to whom I haven’t sold ?.


There really is no way to do this without creating a custom report.

Are you using contacts? If you are using Contacts (and you have created them for your Customers) it is fairly simple to create a Questionnaire that will provide you with that information.

Create a Question and go into Question Details.

Try using the Customer Class. Field “Sales Frequency (Invoices/Year)”.

Create some answer categories like ‘’…0.99, 1…5, 6…10 and so.

Make sure to choose a time period (in the fields Starting Date Formula / Ending Date Formula) that covers the period you want to examine.

Remember to use the “Update Classification” function to calculate what contacts fall into each category.

This functionality is somewhat underrated as it can be quite powerfull.