CRM Module

Kranthi and Adams.

I Have Created Record Level Security For Group where i dont want user of another group to see business relation Created by first Group.


Group A only one user in it “USER A”

Group B only one user in it “USER B”

if “Group A” Creates Business Relation then it should not be Seen by " Group B".

I Put following in Record level Security.

" Business Relation Created By “=User A”

now the Problem is, now when “USER A” Tries to Create New Business Relation it Does not Allow ans Shows Following Errror though " USER A " has Full Rights on Business Relation Table.

" Cannot create a record in Business relations (smmBusRelTable).
You are denied access to create a record in the table, due to the filter criteria set for row level security. "

But he can see the Record Created By him Before applying this Record level Security.

Can you Please Help me Out to Resolve this Issue…Please Suggest if there is another Way to do it.


I Forget to Mentioned that But it Shoule be Seen by " User C" Who is Head of Both.

Hi Nirav,

The create by will be filled when the record get saved - so you cannot apply RLS on this in your scenario.

So try to create it on Employee Id.

i got Solution as the Created By in the Business Relation Table is concatenated automatically…so i have put following Criteria in the Record level and start Working.

if User id is " Srikante" then it Becomes " Srika" as you can see in Table.



But Thanks for the Help…

Thats Fine - if your solution works.[:)]