CRM Module on Ax2009 - Activities and Outlook synchronization

Dear all,

I’m deploying CRM module on Ax 2009, when we use “Outlook synchronize” function with the chosen time.

For ex: I have 3 appointments on this week - 2 of them are involve in my job and 1 is my personal - just a note. I make 2 activities on AX (my job) and make 1 appointment on my Outlook (my personal activity).

When I press "Outlook synchronize, and choose the time to sync … system was automatically sync 2 activities from AX to Outlook >> it’s okay, but my personal appointment is also auto sync from Outlook to AX too :frowning:

So, do AX have any options for sync-ing only from AX → Outlook?

Thanks for your review.

… maybe I found something, on SmmOutlookSync_Appointment class, we have method: synchronize() ->> find this line:

// Traverse appointments in outlook and synchronize to axapta