CRM Customer Creation

When sales rep gets a call from a person who wants to buy earplugs and ipod only, and it’s a first time customer. Where will sales rep record information on this customer in CRM AX?. Under Business Relation Details form as Prospect or under Customer form?

When i create a new customer (X) in a customer form, and when i open business relation form - create new record - select new customer (X), then i have hard time changing the type ID from Prospect to customer. The option “convert to customer” is not available.

What is your recommendation?

Note: We are not going to use leads and opportunities.

It depends on the process you are adopting…

Suppose you have process of sending quotation to your new prospects and confirmation of quotations and you want to create the prospect as customer only after the confirmation - then you can create a business relation and send quotation to the prospect and you can convert the business relation into customer.

If you don’t have any process in between and you are going to finalize customer directly based on the sales call - you can directly create a customer…

First Business relation and then customer.