CRM Connector AX 2012 - Error - Macro

hy - please help me with my problem,


when i import and compile the new xpo - File: “DynamicsConnector.xpo” from CRM Connector AX 2012 then i get always the following errors:

the macro ‘#CashDiscBaseDate’ ist not available / the macro ‘#PdsBatchAttribAutoRes’ is not available / …

my System is: AX 2012 with the cumulative update 1 + 2 (in the installationguide of CRM Connector AX 2012 there is only a notice for the cumulative update 1 - pherhaps that is the problem, but i need the cumulative update 2)

Thanks in advance


AX 2009 to CRM 2011 connector is available or not , if available how to download ,


The AX 2009 and AX 2012 adapters are both included with the Connector for Microsoft Dynamics AX download on PartnerSource here:

You need to preform a code merge on the class declarations for the classes where the missing macros are listsed. For example, for the #CashDiscBaseDate error, you’ll need to merge syp and usr for the SalesSalesOrder_SaleTable class.