CRJ - Cash receipts bugs and problems

Greetings all,

I am a novice working with NAV. But I do know that the CRJ doesn’t function as properly as it should.

  1. Entering an amount in a field only to have it not register (revert back to zero). and needing to enter it again…

  2. Not deducting amounts on a cash application to multiple checks even though the fields are filled out properly. Then After cash receipt is posted. You need to go into the customer card and apply cash in the customer menu.

  3. Not recognizing customer discounts entered in the Discount field (Discount Payment Dates are set correctly).

And what is the best way to handle credit memos deducted from a remittance.

Currently I am creating a credit memo line in the CRJ and applying it to the invoice putting and changing the default Bank balancing account to the correct expense or sales return acct.

Hi Brendan,

Welcome to the user group.

Which version of NAV are you using?

Ad 1) Which field are you entering here?

Ad 3) I guess you’re talking about the payment discount and that both the dates and the percentage is set correctly in the customer ledger entry?