Critical inventory Report and min-/max. keys

Have you noticed that the critical inventory report does not take into consideration the Min-Max. keys? When I run the repor I always get the basis number for min-Max in item coverage and I was thinking we can use the report instead of running Master planning every time. Does anyone know if that can be ajusted?

Yes teh critical on hand takes a simplistic non-planning approach, so applying a min/max key is not part of the design as this would require a calculation.

but in the options I can choose a criteria ‘minimumskey’ and then specify which key i want to apply but still, … anyway, thanks for the answer AdamRou! [:)]

That is not on the options tab to chose in the standard report. Critical on-hand stock report? Are you sure you have not modified it?

Sorry, I used the wrong translation, it is called ‘Choise’ or ‘Choose’ or maybe ‘Select’ and it is on the top right of the windown. So there I can choose Item coverage in Table, and have different options in the Field, among which is Minimumskey, Coverage group, etc. I tried with Item nummber and the correct minimumskey which already exists in Min./Max.-key and is connected to the item, but still in the repport I get it with the basis Min. from item coverage. I get the repport from Inventory and warehouse management > Reports > On-hand > Critical on-hand inventory.

Yes you are applying a filter.

There is NO functionaility in the report to apply it. You are not saying run this, it is simply a filter.