Critical Flag

Hi, Can somebody try to explain me the functionality of the critical flag on the Item card ? When I read the manual and look in the help I think it should allow an item to participate in the order promising functionality of Sales. However checking this flag or not : I can always run the available - to - promise function. So there might be another definition ? Regards, Gunther Coppens

Hi Gunther I think you maybe confusing Item Availability and Item Promising. From the sales order if you go to functions and “Order Promising” this screen will only show you items flagged as critical. Other items are not given the promising visibility. Does this help?

hhhhhhhmmmmmmm Having tried this I see your point! [:D] I’ll have another look at this as it is showing some items but not others irrlevant to the critical flag. Sorry [:I]

Hi Gunther Okay, I think I have my head around this now [:D] This only relates to components of BOM’s. If you load a parent item on the sales order (assuming you do not have stock) and the component item is also out of stock this will affect the capability to promise as you have to buy/make the component. If the component is flagged as critical then you can run the capability to promise function and get expected dates, however if the component is not critical it assumes you are not monitoring the item closely and therefore does not allow the system to perform the capable to promise function and suggest dates. I hope this helps

Wauw, impressive. So this means that setting the flag for item A will make sure that the production time for item A will be taken into account when calculating ATP/CTP for any item having A in the prod. BOM. May I ask where your wisdom is coming from, I think you do not find it in any manual. Are you going through the code to find out the functionality ?

I will confess to having been told about this from a programmer who was designing an automated production plan from the sales order, he told me it was “something” to do with BOM components, and from there I simply tested with no stock - to enable capable to promise, with the flag ticked on and then off and then hypothesised forward on what Navision felt it should do. To summarise, I used someone elses skill combined with luck to talk rubbish!

Well, sometimes I also have to look into the code to see what everything is supposed to do. Another example is the reserve field. You have 2 of the them : one on the item card, and one on the customer card. When you make a SO, the reserve field from the customer is copied to the Sales Header, the reserve field from the item is copied to the Sales Lines when entering a line. If the one on the sales line is set to optional, the one from the Sales Header (read customer card) is used. In other cases the one from the Sales Lines (read item card) is used … Didn’t really find it in the help or any other manual… as with the critical flag. Thanks for your help.

Hi Gunther I think the reservation ruling is that the one on the customer card is always used, unless the one on the item is set to “Always”. When are you sitting the manufacturing exam? If there is anything else I will try and help[:D]

Abstract from the code on Sales Line : IF (Item.Reserve = Item.Reserve::Optional) THEN Reserve := SalesHeader.Reserve ELSE Reserve := Item.Reserve; So I was not 100% correct, the Reserve field on the Sales Line is not a straight forward copy from the Item Card. It only is coming from the item card when it is <> Optional. I’m doing the exam tomorrow morning 10am.[xx(] Maybe you could forward me your handy n°, might be usefull during the exam.

Hi Gunther Best of luck tomorrow [;)] I can remember one question on single level and rolled up cost calculations with an illustration on the paper, but I am afraid it was two years ago when I sat it and I am not even sure the paper is the same anymore! Let me know how you get on.

I really, really, really don’t like the costing chapter…

Hi Gunther To my amazement we skipped the costing chapter, the trainer saying it was an accounts function not manufacturing - this still bewilders me completely. Good luck today

[:D]PASS[:D] I had like 7 questions on costing…

Hi Gunther Little else to say except [:D]CONGRATULATIONS![:D] Keep up the good work and welcome officially to the world of Navision Manufacturing!