Critical Error in Outlook Integration

Hello, In our Outlook Integration a critical error occurs. We use 3.70 and when synchronizing with Outlook the process fails when reaching stage 2 - Importing Outlook Contacts! The error message is “Invalid Date!” This error causes Outlook 2003 to freak out making calendar and tasks impossible to use. If I close Outlook at this point I can’t relaunch it. It shows an error message telling that there are invalid parameters. I then have to perform a logoff / logon to launch Outlook again. I should mention that it has been functioning without problems up to today! Sure hope you can help [?] Best regards,

Since I have not heard from any of you, I assume that nobody know the answer to my question. Meanwhile, I have found a work around. If you are interested take a look at Mibuso, Critical Error in Outlook Integration, Part II