Criteria Combo Box shows no Value [AX 2012]

Hi there,

I am wondering why the combo box for my voucher field shows no value. I believe that there are values on voucher since I got my expected result when I tried to manually input a value on that combo box. Additionally, when I select other fields they show values on their criteria combo box.

Can someone either determine what the problem is or suggest an easy solution for this? Because I want the values to appear on that particular combo box.

Here is the screen shot for your reference.

Thanks in advance.

Is that you field? Does it have any relation to any table?

Hi Martin,

Actually, This project was turned over to me and I am new to AX 2012 environment. That’s why I do not know if this has any relation to a certain table. But, as far as I noticed, some fields have values on their corresponding combo box except this voucher field.

Why does only this voucher field do not show values on the criteria combo box? Can you give me input for this?

You’ll have to learn a few things before you can work in AX. This time, you need Defining Table Relations [AX 2012].

If you just create, for example, a string field, it’s a text and nothing more, therefore AX won’t create any lookup or anything. It’s often what you want, e.g. with description fields.

If you want AX to create a lookup and validate data automatically for you, you have to tell it that your field is somehow related with data in another table. That’s the purpose of table relations.

Maybe I need to read and understand that link first before I proceed working on it. I’ll just post here if I run into this problem again. Thank you Martin for your suggestion.