Crediting a PO invoice without updating stock values AX

I have a user who has done the following:

  1. Created a PO for 20 items, entered and posted a packing slip and invoice for this PO

  2. Managed to create a second invoice for this same PO, no packing slip and mistakenly for 30 items - this is like a duplicate invoice.

  3. Sold 20 of the item to a customer, customer has been invoiced so balance in stock is now 10 items.

Both the PO invoices have been paid to the supplier. To correct the situation, they would like to credit the “duplicate invoice”, but the 30 items no longer exist (because of the customer sale) and negative inventory is not allowed. Is there a way to create a credit note against the PO invoice without crediting the stock value? They have already un-settled the payment on the duplicate invoice and agreed with the supplier that they would apply the payment to a future invoice. So now they want to adjust the remaining 10 items (which were never physically received) and also remove the duplicate invoice. Is there a way to do this against the PO or do they have to create an Accounts Payable invoice journal and offset the supplier control account. Trade and Logistics is not my forte so I might be missing something obvious…

The actual balance in stock of the item is zero, 20 received and 20 sold. Purchase price of the item is the same so no price differences to consider.

Any ideas would be appreciated.



Anyone?? Any ideas please?

Create a purchase journal credit to the supplier and apply it through transaction editing to the invoice.