credit notes for free-text invoices

AX 2009

A credit note is created for a free-text invoice with a link to the invoice. After the credit note is posted the Customer transactions grid shows the reference from the invoice to the credit note. However, the amount of the credit is settled against the oldest invoice for the customer, not the one that has a reference to the credit note.

AR Parameters:

Updates tab: Credit invoicing is checked, Settlement type for credit notes = Designated transactions (and the help says: “The transactions will be settled with respect to a specific invoice.”),

Settlement tab: Automatic settlement is checked.

Any other setting are needed?

Thank you


You have automatic settlement turned on, so it settles it against the oldest invoice. If you want to credit the invoice referenced then uncheck this, or am I misunderstanding you question?


I am found something in the AR-Parameters- Updates,

The help file reads as


Select the standard settlement type to be entered as the default when a credit note is created:

- – The invoice transaction will not be settled.

- – The transactions will automatically be offset against open transactions according to the First In First Out (FIFO) principle.

- – The transactions will be settled with respect to a specific invoice.

The specified settlement type is automatically transferred to the field in the form when you create a credit note in this form. For more information, see Sales orders (form).

Sorry for the grammar mistake



Hi TP,

to use Settlement ype for credit notes would be a solution, but it works only for invoices from Sales orders, not for free-text invoices. Only marking an invoice in the “Open transaction editing form” will settle the credit note against it…

I received the reply from AX support regarding this…



Thanks, Adam.

We don’t want to uncheck the automatic settlement because we have a huge amount of invoices.

We found the solution is in reference from a credit note to an invoice on Open transaction editing, before the credit note is posted.