Credit Note.

I have to create a Credit Note, haw to create in Nav 5.0.

I want that credit note to have impact only on the value of item. To decreese the value.


Hi Almar,

you should use a “Charge (Item)” then.

Regards Jan

Can you expalin me more about ti? Thanks for your reply.

I’ll try…but are you working in a productive area? Because it can have some bad consequences when you post a document not knowing exactly what you’re doing - maybe you should ask your key user/administrator what to do? A possible way would be to do this:

  1. Insert new Credit Memo

  2. Pick Vendor/Customer

  3. Insert New Line

  4. Chose Type “Charge (Item)”

  5. Chose right Charge (Item) via LookUp in Field “No.”

  6. Type in Quantity = 1

  7. Type in Value

  8. Click Button “Line”->“Item Charge Assignment”

  9. In the new Window click on Functions->“Get Shipment Lines” (assuming that you want to decrease the value of a sales shipment)

  10. Select the right shipment line and click OK

  11. Click Functions->“Suggest Item Charge Assignment”

  12. Choose an Option

  13. Close Window

  14. Post Credit Memo (F11)

that should work if you don’t have any “Charge (Items)” I strongly recommend to talk to someone in your company who is resposible for the system (or your NAV-Partner).

I don’t want to be unkind but you seem to have little expierence in NAV - maybe it would be better to get some training first.

Regards Jan