Credit Note posted without cost


One of my users have posted credit notes by entering negative values in the sales orders and not selected the return lot id, and effectively the cost of the item has not been affected for the selected warehouse but the inventory quantity has been affected and hence the on hand cost of each item is reduced, is there any way I can update the cost of the items now?

And if the user continues to post the credit notes in the future in a similar fashion, is there any way by which I setup AX to pick up the current cost price for the item?

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There is a workaround for this. post movement journal for same item with 0 cost price. If possible, use the marking feature. Now post another movement journal with same dimension and updated cost price. I hope this will work.

When you enter negative quantity, system does give a warning message for selecting return lot id or cost price. If the price is not entered then it will take item cost price as specified on the item master otherwise it will update item with 0 cost price.


Current cost is not relevant, what is relevant is your costing method. If you are FIFO it would financially cost in this manner when the inventory close process is run.

Thanks for the help.