Credit Note not calculating total discount

Dear All,

I have sales order with 5% total discount and terms of payment as cash. After invoicing the sales order, axapta 2009 calculates 5% discount and all totals are correct. Once i create a credit note then total discount is not calculating and totals has no discount values. Any ideas please ? what can be the issue. Even i checked the customer details. It is okay.



Dear Sayeed

i am getting the same error, If you have got any solution … can you share

Dear SFF and Aneesh,

how you are making credit note for this items, can you give us the detail.

or else you can contact me on Skype will show you how to deal with this.

I have checked in my environment and it is working fine.

sales order created for 10$ 10 percentage total discount so total value was 9 $.

then when I create credit note for the same value was 10 $ and discount also appear which was 10 Percentage and total value while invoice for credit note was 9 $.

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