Credit Note error - Item dimension and must consequently be specified

Our users have started getting this error message within the sales order, FUNCTIONS > CREATE CREDIT ADJUSTMENT NOTE

It pops up an Infolog box with variations of the following :

  • Inventory dimension Classification is an item dimension and must consequently be specified
  • Inventory dimension Market Region is an item dimension and must consequently be specified
  • Update has been cancelled

This has only started happening in recent weeks, does anyone have any suggestions as to how it could start popping up and how to fix it ?

There have been no Axapta patches applied to the server in over 12 months.

Any ideas of cause or a workaround would be most helpful :slight_smile:



I presume you have created new financial dimensions, these have been made mandatory and were never on the original documents and now are required, but cannot be through the process as they were not on the original transaction. Analyse your setup and requirements for “Market Region” and then look at the source document to see if it exists. Nothing to do with patches but how you have configured the system.

Work around is don’t use the function, manually create a credit note.

Adam, I’m little confused…error says "inventory dimensions Market Region is not specified. I think then it’s problem with inventory dimensions isn’t it?

You can link an inventory dimension to a financial dimension, and then prevent posting because a financial dimension is not populated on the creation/posting.

It could be market dimension if they renamed size/colour but these seems less likely than a link to a financial dimension given the “title” of the dimension, as you know AX messages are not necessarily helpful.

Thanks so much for the fast replies, we now have something to discuss with the financial team.

If we find the exact cause I will reply back here :slight_smile:

You may want to simply start with a troublesome dimension like “Market Region” and look at where it is defined and how. I would also suggest a developer to debug it it maybe a bug or a customization issue impact.