credit memos problem

Hi,dear friend:

i have a problem,the scenario as follow:

i receiced goods and post invoice, but i found date is wrong,so i need to reverse it(only invoice), shep:

i have created a credit memos by copy document function, document type select “posted invoice”. perform post.

G/L has been write-off,no problem,

but why inventory also has been reduce? i want to know if my understanding is wrong,thanks!

Hi dear,

Use Item Charge at the time of Credid Memo


Choose G/L Acc in Line Level at the time of Credit Memo

Its normal, that Credit Memo created the way you did reverts everything, including Inventory.

Now you can enter PO with correct credentials, but further on in such cases you may use the scenario subrata suggested, although I wouldn’t advise it - errorenous PO plus reverting Credit memo plus correct PO is easier to understand later, what has happened and what actions were taken.