Credit memo....


Is there a way in NAV to use to Credit memo but we are not applying it to the Invoice? and we will not indicate the Appl.-from Item Entry? bec. we try to post a Credit Memo with out Appl.-from Item Entry, it promt an error that we must fill up that fields.

I want to do is:

  1. Create a credit memo with out application to Invoice(I know that it NAV it will be indicate a Open).

2.Post the Credit memo,Appl.-from Item Entry.

Is there a way to do this in NAV?hoping for your reply…TY

The apply - from item entry is not connected to the invoice and the application. This field ensures that exact cost reversing is applied, forcing the returning stock to be valued in the same manner as the outbound stock.

Now if you do not care of costing fluctuations in this manner (accounts may well do) you can stop doing exact cost reversing (It is in the payables or sales setup files).

You can post an open credit memo on account without any issue, it remains open to be applied to an invoice or removed from one during a payment run. Alternatively you can apply the credit in a number of manners, from transactions, or during the process, there are fields on the header to select teh invoice etc.

@Adam - Great explanation

@ Kill6 - the common cause for the application is using the copy document function which populates the Applies to Doc fields. If this is the case just blank them out


Thanks for the support, I test the suggestion you gave me…and it works…Thanks I realy appreciate it[:)]