Credit memo posting of a Purchase Invoice with TDS

I have posted a purchase invoice with TDS.
When I reverse this through credit memo, by the Copy Document functionality (unchecking “Recalculate lines”), it shows in the Statistics, the TDS amount.
When I try to post the credit memo, I get a message that, the Transaction cannot be completed as it will create inconsistent entries in the G/L entry table.

When I check the “Recalculate Lines” option, then TDS is not calculated and the posting of the memo does not give any problem.

With TDS, I am not able to post the Credit memo.

Please kindly help.

Jaideep Ghosh

There is no law for reversing the TDS posted other than to deposit it to the government.

However there is a workaround. Post the Credit memo without TDS and then negate the value of TDS thru TDS adjustment journal.

Sir, Thank you very much for your help.