Credit Memo in Aged Receivable

Have a customer that shows a $1900 credit memo in the aged receivable report. Assuming it had not been applied to the sales invoice I reviewed and it appears to be applied. Is there a simple way to view if it has been applied and if not how can you apply to invoice after it has already been posted?

Any advice is greatly appreciated.

Thank you!

First post a payment for $1900 and then go to the Cust. ledger entry and select the posted payment line and under action you have Apply entries, click on this and pick the invoice you want to apply this payment and post the application.

Thank you for the reply. How does this get rid of the already credit memo of $1900? The invoice it was applied to shows as paid but the credit memo is showing as outstanding and on the aged receivables report.

In that case reverse the entire Invoice by creating a credit memo and then create a new Invoice and apply the correct amount, that’s the only way I can think off.