Credit Limits

We are using NAV 2013 and are looking for a way to help with collections. I am pretty sure this cannot be done but I am supposed to be looking into a way for the credit limit on the customer card to automatically reset to 0 after an invoice is posted for that customer in order to prevent anything from shipping without payment. Are there any other suggestions of how we could keep things from shipping without payment?


Hi. Not possible in the out of the box Dynamics Nav. Very possible via Coe changes.


Coe = code

What sort of code changes?

There is no standard way to do this. But a developer could rather easy make change to do so.

You say you’re using NAV 2013, then why don’t you instead use the Approval functions. Then you can set that all orders need approval, before they can be shipped. To me that’s pretty much the same.

Or you could use the pre-payment invoicing. This way you cannot ship the order, before you have received and posted the payment.

Well on the authorize I am trying that on a order now and it is saying the payment method code is not correct to do the operation.

Ok, not quite sure what you’re trying. Prepayments or approvals?

approvals but when I go in there and try to authorize one i am getting " the selected operation cannot complete with the specified Payment Method Code."

The reason I ask is that I don’t see why the Payment Method Code would matter here. Unless of course you have code preventing you from using the currently selected payment method code, or it’s empty or something. I have not used the Approvals much, as none of my current customers are using it. Some are considering it, especially because they need orders over a certain size approved, before ordering.

Did you go through the guide here first: