Credit Limits not working as thought

We recently placed credit limits on our customer accounts and we are now encountering credit hold errors when we the sales orders are being entered. For example Customer X has a credit limit of $50k. The sales order is entered for $40k and when releasing the sales order a warning comes up stating the customer is over their limit when they have no other open items on their account. In Sales and Receivables Setup we have Credit warnings set to Credit Limit. Is there something I am missing that is causing these warnings? I am using NAV 2009 6.0 R2. Any help is appreciated. Thank you.

Hi Rebecca,

Please check the total outstanding amount of that particular customer.

Hi Vijay,

We have looked at this as well. We are receiving the alert for customers that have $0 on their account ($0 outstanding amount) prior to the sales order being entered.

Out of curiosity when you say the have a zero balance do they have open entries?

meaning is there a 1000 invoice and a 1000 dollar credit but not applied to each other?

Also when you go to that customer card and hit f9 for statistics (general tab) does it show ant other types of outstanding balances?