Credit Limit

Dear All,

Would like to block the booking of Sales Order when Customer Outstanding Balance is equal to Cr Limit .

As Navision is showing the warning only but not blocking from creating the Sales Orders.

Is there any way to block this.




In standard product there is provision for Warning only (Sales & Receivable Setup >> Credit Warnings)

If you are a developer, then to block the processing, you should make changes in Codeunit 312 (Cust-Check Cr. Limit)'s SalesLineCheck Function or in Form 343 (Check Credit Limit).

Simply removing or commenting out the code that generates an error message like that is not a solution.

Hi Denster,

I wrote “make changes” (read it as : Modifications/ Customisations), which doesn’t only mean to comment/ remove a part of code.

But, anyway Thanks for your input

Yes I know what ‘make changes’ means. I simply added that removing or commenting out the code is not a solution.

No code required, just make the OK or Yes button > properties > visible = No, then they will get the form but no Yes (over-ride warning) Option.

Then they will have to uplift the credit limit to get the order processed.


If your finance folks works hard enough to check all customers’ Outstanding Balance and Cr Limit then set the customer card’s “Blocked” option to “all”, then no new sales order can be created against the “blocked” customers.

But in real world, it is hard for the finance poeple to check Cr Limit for all cusotmer daily… And, I did not aware Nav provide functions to check the Cr Limit and set “blocked” option… If you have programmer can write a form or report to check Cr Limit for all customers, and use Job Scheduler to run the form or report daily, then Nav can automatically block the customers who are over credit.