Credit Limit with open orders

Hi all

I work with an modified version of NAV 5.0, and I have the folowing situation:

Customer Credit limit=2.000

Customer Balance=1.200

Sales order=800

Is there a way to show the customer’s balance at 2.000? (taking into account unposted sales order)

Alternatively, I’d like to see the credit limit exceeded if I try to open a new sales order.


You wouldn’t want the balance to include that number. You should have a new field created to calculate the amount on open orders. That field could then be used in combination with the actual balance to determine if they are over their limit.

Having it reflected in the balance just doesn’t make sense. It would be saying that they owe money that they don’t.

if its already customized then you can filter the unposted order and addup the amount.

But you will have to calculate the value every time as outstanding quantity * unit price.

Hit F9-Statistics on Customer card - it will show all info incl outstanding Orders, and you can drill down there to underlying docs.

Unposted docs might never get posted, that’s one problem, besides, you may have unposted POs with possible due date so far in future the Customer will have closed current liabilities… As payments due have time dimension, actually it is rather difficult to check the credit limits - maybe today it is OK, and new SO is allowed, but during several days while it gets processed, some earlier invoices have become due.

I would not advise to attempt here very restrictive modifications - warnings should be enough (or even the standart F9 stats), as every case then can be evaluated an salesperson can make decision.

Thanks all for the reply!

I will use the statistics in the customer card. The only downside is that I dont get a list of the available credit for each customer, but I don´t want to have to pay for this information :stuck_out_tongue:

…unhide column Credit limit (LCY) in Customer list form [;)]

Thanks, but by “Available Credit” I ment the Credit limit (LCY) AND the amount on open orders, not invoiced |-(