Credit limit pops up again and again after entering every line item.

Is there any way to stop the credit limit from popping up everytime I enter another line item on a Sales Order??

I don’t mind it popping up the first time but after every new line item I add it pops up again and again.

I want it to pop up once for an order then not pop up again.

Any solutions??

Thanks in advance,


Not without a modification that I am aware of. They really don’t want you to sell to someone over their limit [:)]

You’d have to keep up with whether is has already been shown, via a variable or field. Have to reset it every time you move to another record.

I see a call to Customer Credit Check in Sales Line Table under Function “Update Amounts”

“Update Amounts”
IF (CurrFieldNo <> 0) AND
(“Document Type” <= “Document Type”::Invoice) AND
((“Outstanding Amount” + “Shipped Not Invoiced”) > 0)

I guess you could also add a boolean to the header called “Bypass Credit Check”.
Then add to the If statement "AND NOT SalesHeader.“Bypass Credit Check” THEN

Let me play with it a little.

Thanks for all the replies.


It is “On” or “Off” at the line level. If you want to turn it off:

Menu “Sales and Marketing” → “Setup” → “Sales and Receivable Setup” → Dropdown menu “Credit Warnings”

As I stated, ON or OFF. It will pop for every line or not at all. It makes sense from a business perspective. If you are in a LIVE env. and you get that message all the time, it is a RED flag for finance people. You might want to revise your credit limit for that customer.

Notice the “StockOut Warning” underneath. If you are doing some testing/Dev, you might want to turn it off for that period. :slight_smile:

Hope this helps!